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The Confident and Fulfilling Communication Method

Clear, productive, and rewarding conversations where anyone feels at ease and free to express their emotions is a result of 2 essential steps:

The release of the past.

The work on your limitations.

You are what you think.

If you think too much of the past or if you limit yourself in everything you do, this method is absolutely for you because it will absolutely help you improve your life.

Working on yourself through this method, here is what I offer you today:

This system does not require you to talk for hours about the specific course of the event which created the chain of events in your life.

This system does not require you to live and go through the trauma one more time.

This system does not require you to explain everything you have gone through in detail to obtain results.

This system does not require you to feel pain during or after the session.

This system does not require you to experience shame or guilt from your apparent and current lack of communication skills.

This system is not for people who want to keep on branding themselves “crazy”.

If you are prepared to put the work and the time necessary into transforming your relationships, the way you express your emotions, the outcome of each conversation;

If you want to feel at ease, free to express yourself in an aligned way to bring to the open your uniqueness;

If you believe that nothing is impossible and that there must be a solution somewhere, somehow to solve your problem;

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Or Click this LINK to purchase my e-book or the paperback relating the stories of 10 amazing women who fought hard to reach the space they were looking for. (including the beginning of my story).

You are worth it, I believe in you, always will do.


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What if by working on the formula and following this premium, proven system, you could improve your life, notice your achievements, and free yourself to become a master at creating meaningful, productive, clear, and blissful conversations?

What if your uniqueness could be expressed, valued, noticed, and recognized in a short amount of time?

You might be experiencing some symptoms of PTSD, PND, anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorder, etc.

In your mind, you are going through the same trauma, thought process, which comes back in your mind and every time you push it back down.
There is an invisible wall around you that seems to block you from accessing specific achievements and specific targets.
“I must be doomed, it is karma, I am unlucky, this is how my life is and I cannot do anything about it”.

I do not know how to communicate, no matter what I try. If I say what I have in my mind, people will think I am crazy, they will see me as stupid, people will not love me anymore, not care for me, not respect me anymore, etc.

No matter how much you try to have meaningful conversations, it always creates more problems for you, and you become overwhelmed with despair, shame, disgust, and guilt.

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Celine Gimenez says:

"I create a total transformation in my client’s lives by helping them become more confident, clear, and productive in their exchanges at the communication level with others using trauma release techniques and my own specific experience without the need to go through the painful memory of trauma or to spend time in lengthy discussions involving many details. All this to uncover who they truly are in the process so that finally, each exchange becomes an opportunity to express their own uniqueness."

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Hi! I am Celine Gimenez!

International best-seller author. | Emotion code practitioner. | Theta healer. | A French-language teacher and tutor. | I am the founder of the Water In You. | I am also the founder of French With A Native. | Currently writing a second book that is more focused on the internal work necessary to go through adversity to reach the stars.

My Story

I grew up suffering from communication problems.

  • I was unable to speak in front of my class at the age of 11 years old.
  • I was having the hardest time making friends and connecting with others.
  • At the age of 23 years old, I had to do a presentation to obtain my diploma and was stuttering, sweating profusely at the thought of seeing other students judging me.
  • My words were never right, my thoughts never sharp and my actions always clumsy.

As soon as I started working on myself and understanding most of all what I needed to do to improve my quality of life:

  • I started teaching in front of classes and was enjoying it.
  • I started to have meaningful discussions with people who were important to me and also started to let go of the wrong people in my life.
  • I started understanding who I really was and was creating in the same breath my own boundaries, what I could and could not accept.
  • I started creating my life as I wanted it to be.
  • I started enjoying doing creative writing and having very profitable and fulfilling conversations with my soul tribe.
  • I started becoming persuasive, resilient, and tenacious to obtain what I wanted.

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Céline is warm and encouraging, forever optimistic in disposition and full of creative ways to deal with problems life throws at you. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.
Georgia Hazelgrove review - Celine Gimenez
Georgia Hazelgrove
via Facebook
Celine is extremely professional and patient coach.
Highly optimistic and ever encouraging.
I would definitely recommend Celine!
Avni Bahri review - Celine Gimenez
Avni Bahri
via Facebook
I had an absolutely AMAZING emotion code session today with Celine. I feel incredible - so much lighter already after clearing out so so many generations of trauma I had no clue about. AMAZING session. Thank you, Celine!!
Dawn Pensack review - Celine Gimenez
Dawn Pensack
via Facebook

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