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Healing is not crazy, never a devilish act even when fear is there, not woo-woo, never not doing anything good for you.

Healing is the highest form of love anyone could receive or give or be an instrument for…

Healing is deeply buried pains coming up to the surface to be let go of.Healing signifies it is your time, it is your emergence and the beginning of ease.

Healing is unconditional love through searching in the mix of reasons why you are not forgiving yourself and acknowledging your pains, your feelings and your thoughts.

Healing is the undeniable possibility of re-creating peace within you, of finding once more the heaven, the paradise that always existed inside of you.

Healing is the ultimate knowledge that one day somehow, you will be free from physical, spiritual and mental pains, enjoying the abundance of the world surrending you.

Healing is a gift from God, like a beautiful landscape bathed by the setting sun, the sound of the water rolling on pebbles at the beach, the birds’ songs during springtime and the mental and spiritual surrendering of everything that is not truth.

Healing is real and true and well being and love in all its forms, an extraordinary possibility given to us all for a deeper purpose, a higher objective and a proof of love towards all humans.

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