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Increase your vibration

By increasing your overall vibration, you are attracting fewer experiences creating emotions of shame, doubt and unworthiness.

These 3 emotions are the lowest vibrations just above death.

Imagine the weight of these already existing specific emotions being lifted off of you.

Imagine you not experiencing feeling ashamed anymore, unworthy or doubting yourself and others.

Life-changing, right???

Imagine now starting to live in a beautiful way, being yourself and feeling good and happy at connecting with others.

What I offer to my clients is life-changing, transformational.

I have personally transmuted my own imperfections, my own shadow, my own negativity to help you do yours. And because I could not bear anymore living half-heartedly. And the good news is that you can do the same. Let me show you what I am made of and what you are made of too, as a result. This is like a cascade of beautiful happenings especially made for all of us. Let’s connect and offer this to yourself because you absolutely deserve it and to the world because it absolutely deserves it too.

PS: The picture is a big part of what I use for my work. The colours in this picture inspire me. They lift me up and constantly reignite my passion for what I do. We deserve a better world and this better world will only be created by your beautiful thoughts and dreams inside.

Celine Gimenez

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