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Emotions are a massive part of who we are at a particular moment in time. Imagine the same you with less fear, less heartache, less sadness, less shame, etc. Imagine the same you without the weight of all of these emotions ready to conquer and do these things that you never dared to imagine for your life. These sessions are so much more than a single emotion code session, they are based on my personal experience, my learnings, the knowledge I have acquired along the years since I started opening my eyes in 2015 concerning the law of attraction, the power of beliefs, the strength of emotions based on the trauma a person has gone through, how much I am now plugged in to understand and feel the pain of another human being and finally my recent work on mental illness problems like depression, PTSD, dementia, PND, and so much more.

I thrive on making everything better for the people who connect with me. I normally work with women in business but men are also welcome as I feel there is a need even more present for men who are open to energy work. 

After these sessions, there is an immense shift that starts happening and people see it through:

  • physical changes
  • mental changes
  • emotional changes. 

Physically, well-being is more and more present in your life, session after session. (People have seen pains going away and incurable health problems being solved). 

Mentally, relationships are being improved and your increasing vibration is rocketing to new levels to bring better more fulfilling relationships in your life. Moments of happiness become more frequent. 

Emotionally, this feeling of dread, sadness, terror or guilt preventing you to act on your dreams is slowly disappearing to become stronger, more courageous, resilient and to bring all these values that make you YOU to the open for everyone to see. 

I absolutely love these sessions and I have been my first customer over the last 3 years. I can say that my life is absolutely changed from night to day and I feel so grateful for it. 

My intuition is now very much on point and I am able to provide the most precise guidance to any problem you might want to solve. I have several offers available at this time:


  • free 20 minutes chat - celine gimenez

    Free 20 minutes chat with Celine Gimenez

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  • individual session_ Celine Gimenez

    Individual Session with Celine Gimenez

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  • 3 months sessions package - celine gimenez

    3 Months Package To Start Healing with Celine Gimenez

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Send me a message explaining briefly what you are going through.

I will help you understand what energy work will do for you and how much a session will change your life for the better. you will be offered the opportunity to work on yourself On ALL LEVELS. It will be entirely your choice to decide whether this is for you or not.

But only with one condition:
I need to have you fully on board, absolutely believing that you can heal fully and easily.