3 Months Package To Start Healing with Celine Gimenez



3 Months Package To Start Healing with Celine Gimenez

  • In the 1st Month – Archangel / Intuitive/ Guided / Karma/ Emotional release / Negative beliefs, ancestors and past life work session.
  • In the 2nd month – You will be taught how to do Muscle testing on your own which will benefit your family too.
  • In the 3rd month – You will know how to work on your own shadow and trauma and how to release it and let it go. You will start having the mindset you need to work on yourself the successful way to bring your shadow to light. By working regularly on yourself, very soon, you will start being able to see results in your personal life with improved relationships, firmer boundaries, recovering ailments, improved physical problems depending on your situation, better accuracy and clarity in what you do on a personal level and business level, more joy in your life, improved business quality and value, increased financial flow depending on your situation, more in tune with your intuition, and with what you want out of life, better balance in life, etc. Very soon, you will start looking for quality instead of quantity, you will learn to appreciate the present moment and become more of who you truly are, one session at a time.

The amazing beginning of a journey towards the golden path.

Emotional trauma release for men.
Past life work, to deal with wars, abuses, murders, deep childhood issues, psychological problems, inherited trauma, finances problems, relationship problems and how men see themselves.
Women, we want to help our men deal with their traumas to heal and become amazing human beings and absolute role models for our children. We want them to be here for our children and to create their dreams as much as we want to create ours.
Imagine this world with no more abuse, no more rapes, no more murderers and traffickers of any kind.
We want all our men to become trees, deeply rooted, loving and strong to become our roots, our strength.

It all starts with forgiveness.



Personal Coach, Alternative and Holistic Health Service


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