The emotion shifter - Celine Gimenez
Certified Theta Healer and Emotion Code practitioner

We identify which key beliefs are holding your physical or emotional issue in place.

certified theta healer - celine gimenez

Personal coach · Alternative & holistic health service

Personal Coach - Celine Gimenez

There is a possibility to put a name on every emotion one might feel inside.

Have you ever thought that way?

I deserve better than to live with struggles!! I have had enough of this shit. It is too much. It is not possible to live my entire life that way. I deserve to find the right kind of love for me. I deserve to be loved the right way. I deserve to get the success I want, the abundance I am looking for. Please God, help me find a way to live a better life. I feel like a failure, nothing is going right. I experience blocks everywhere I want to do something. I am so stressed out because nothing works. I am attracting the wrong kind of customers whatever I do or do not do. Whatever I do is not working, it is something else and I cannot pinpoint it just yet.

Send me a message explaining briefly what you are going through.

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This is for you if:

  • you are ready to work on yourself or are already doing it.
  • you are ready for changes and transitions to happen in your life, as some moments might be difficult to deal with and you need strong will and stamina to go through the changes until you cross on the other side.
  • you really want to make an impact in your life.
  • you are wanting what is highest outcome for yourself and the people that surrounds you.
  • you are wanting to remove the blocks and release the weight that past trauma has had on your life.
  • you believe that miracles are possible.
  • you can heal your life for the better.
  • you are looking to learn more about spirituality, the law of attraction and other modalities around energy work.
  • you are able to trust God and you believe that the right person is coming your way to help you create the highest outcome for your highest interest.
  • you want to develop your intuition and understand more about your spiritual powers.

This is not for you if:

  • you are not open minded.
  • you are not already spiritual or do not feel the need, the push to know more about spirituality.
  • you are not willing to work on yourself on your own.
  • you do not believe miracles happen.
  • you are not looking to know more about energy work and how it can help you in your own life.
  • you are a man and you are not able to put your ego on the side to let me help you do the work.
  • you do not believe that there is a God, Universe, Creator, which takes care of you, supports you, lifts you, guides you and protects you.
  • you believe that I cannot heal you or help you change anything.
  • you say that nothing is stopping you (and you are looking at my website, which means you are looking for some sort of help).
  • you do not want to change your life.
  • you do not want to have an impact on others.
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