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The love dance of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine in you

There is this dance happening inside of each and every one of us that requires balance, drive, boundaries and love.

This dance can only happen beautifully once your healing is completed when the gauge of love that you have for yourself is at its highest.

The divine masculine in you and we all have one, requires to be in control but not too much, it also requires surrendering at times. The divine masculine wants to be whole by protecting, producing, bringing, gathering and demonstrating strength within a silky glove. It wants essentially to provide, to bring, to create the foundation of the relationship within you by creating the support and the safety required for the divine feminine to express herself in whichever ways she knows best.

The divine feminine in you, and we all have one, wants to bring softness and empathy, care and make everything a thousand times better, she wants to multiply everything the divine masculine is bringing to her. She wants to reward, nurture and receive, she wants to be wholly what she was designed for, to manifest and to create. The divine dance happens in all and each and every one of us. This world is about balance, polarity, the yin and the yang, as above so below, as within, so without.

This balance happens in everything that exists, continuously, perpetually and permanently. When something gets out of balance, it is brought back to life by an adjustment, a judgement and any form of required divine intervention. The divine feminine was suffocated for so long, her depth and godlike expression repressed, the divine masculine was as a consequence placed in jail, being continuously judged for his actions or non-actions. The balance is now required.

The divine feminine wants to express herself and to be recognised for the values she brings to the world in her feminine state. The divine masculine wants to be respected and valued, seen as a role model and viewed as a hero.

Within each and every one of us, there is this need to be heard, to express ourselves, to listen to the voice inside, to be valued, to provide for ourselves, to listen to the voice inside and to be whole, complete and whoever we actually want to be.

The dance between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine is only possible in the most beautiful way when the healing has happened when the trauma of the past has been acknowledged and released when we have forgiven ourselves completely and we have finally become this person that we completely and passionately want to love and care for. Did you want to know more about the work I have been doing over the years and see if I am the right person to help you?

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